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Our Trip Starts Where Yours Stops

Serving Louisiana & The Surrounding Areas

Only Need To Make A Few Quick Stops And Don't Want To Commit To A Full Day Rental?

Truck Stop Car Rentals has you covered with our customized low hourly rates that fit your individual needs. 2, 3 or 6 hour rentals that will give you just enough time without overspending or the burden of a car for a full day.

24/7 Service & Assistance

New Car Keys

Easy Handoff

Cars in the City

City Specific Trip Advice

No Hidden Fees

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Get To Know Us

At Truck Stop Car Rentals, we understand that your journey is more than just a ride – it's an adventure. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to make your trips smoother, more convenient, and absolutely hassle-free. We cater to the unsung heroes of the road – truck drivers – by offering top-notch car rental services right at truck stops.

Picture this: you've conquered the highways and byways, delivered your cargo, and now it's time to explore. That's where we come in. Our cars become your reliable companions, ready to whisk you away to your destination without the need to navigate your truck through bustling city streets. It's not just about saving on diesel; it's about giving you the freedom to move effortlessly and efficiently.

From short stops to extended layovers, we're here to ensure your trip doesn't end when you park your truck. Our fleet of comfortable and easy-to-drive cars is your ticket to explore Louisiana and its surroundings with utmost ease. Say goodbye to the stress of city driving – our rentals are your keys to seamless mobility.

So, why Truck Stop Car Rentals? Because we know your journey is worth more than just a destination. Our slogan, "Our Trip Starts Where Yours Stops," embodies our commitment to being an essential part of your travel story. Join us in making your road adventures unforgettable, one rental at a time. Welcome aboard – let's hit the road together!

Rent Your Car In 4 Easy Steps


Select Your Car

Choose from our  selection of cars that cater to your specific needs.


Book Your Car

Easily book your car online, by email, or call us to reserve your car.


Provide Required Documents

Upload and send us a picture of your valid Driver's License, matching the person making the reservation, and fill out our contract.


Pick Up Your Car

Head to one of our convenient locations, friendly neighborhood truck stops, to drop off your truck, pick up your car and hit the road.

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Cars for Sale
Cars on the Road

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Truck Stop Car Rentals made my trucking job so much easier. The car I rented was in great condition and their customer service was exceptional."

Darby Miller

Our Pickup/Dropoff Locations

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